Teaching your children the value of health and nutrition through taking care for your pets.

April 26th is “National Kids and Pets Day”. Celebrate it by teaching your kids to properly care for their pets. Teaching your kids how to care for a pet is a great tool for learning about responsibility, life, compassion and routine. It provides a great foundation for a healthy social and emotional relationship with peers and family members.

Studies have shown that children with pets have:

-Have higher immune systems

-Lower risk of asthma

-Less allergies

-Significantly higher scores in empathy and pro-social scales 

-Higher self-esteem

-Less stress

Make an an extra effort to become more informed on pet health and nutrition this month and teach your children.  Pay special attention to the amount and the types of food your pets consume. For people and pets the same rules apply, exercise, eat healthy and be happy. If your interested in jump starting a better life for your pet, consider detoxing. Detoxing is a great way to clean the body of toxins that may be hindering any fitness goals or optimal health. We live in a world full of everyday toxins from the air we breathe to the food we eat. Most of us know how beneficial detoxing our body can be so we encourage doing the same for our pets. Ask a representative about our Vaccination and Wormer Detox.