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• Our products are completely organic.
• We use only top quality herbs.
• Our herbs are pressed one time only for maximum potency.
• We use a safe amount of alcohol as a natural preservative, an herb enhancer and a carrier into the blood stream for much faster results than glycerin based products.
• Our manufacturing process is quality controlled from start to finish.
• Amber Technology R&D is conducted by a noted herbalist.
• We provide live customer support with responsive knowledge.
• We support a network of over 500 dealers.
• You can use our products with the confidence that they are safe and effective!


Paxxin and Vibactra Plus are unique all-natural products to help support pets and their health. Our #1 GOAL is to get Paxxin and Vibactra Plus in stores where people can have quick access to these products. These products have been on the market for over 18 years with a high success rate. Help us in making Paxxin and Vibactra Plus available in all areas by inquiring about these products. Call us today toll free 877-727-8243.

What to expect when placing your first order:

• Initial minimum order of $250.
• Minimum purchase requirement to include 2 bottles of Parvaid and Vibactra Plus each.
• Mix and match and receive price breaks for larger quantities.



Order QTY Average Profit Margin Per product Sold
1-11 37%
12-23 45%
24+ 47%


• Having full access to products & advice on hard to find solutions.
• Free live customer support with responsive knowledge.
• We can dropship anywhere world-wide.
• We refer customers located in your area to your business.
• We can help your customers with any questions regarding A.T. products toll free, Mon.—Fri. 9am—5pm MST.
• Build your customer base by carrying A.T. products.
• Free training on our products.
• Increase your bottom line.
• Access to products that big chain corporations don’t have, giving you more leverage.
• We have thousands of passionate raving fans/customers — see our testimonials at

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