How Do I Train My Cat?

When you think about training your pet, most people automatically think “the reward” system like treats and overly excitable behavior. Cats often times do love affection and they do like an occasional treat. Rewarding them for good behavior is always the best method but what about when they are misbehaving? Oddly enough water is one of the best kitty training tools. As most people know, cats don’t usually take much of a liking to water. Water is neither harmful nor offensive unless of course you think like a cat which makes it ideal. Cats also don’t care much for the element of surprise. So, if you can be equally sneaky with a bottle of water, you’ve got yourself a great Cat training kit.

When your kitty is found clawing at the furniture give her a quick mist of water or sneak up on her with a “hey little missy”.

When your kitty is found lying around on a place you prefer no shedding, have that spray bottle handy or clap loudly to startle her a bit.

Don’t over use the water. You want them to learn not to like scratching and lying on the wrong furniture or taking potty breaks anywhere but their litter box not learning to hate water. Consistency and patience is always the most important training tool with any pet. Make sure you stay on top of the do’s and don’ts until your cat is familiar with the rules. Keep in mind training takes time. As usual we don’t recommend any violent training methods. Cats especially don’t respond well to pain. In fact, violence causes no real results in cats because they have a natural defense to fight back. They have very strong predatory instincts making them sneaky and rebellious.

Cats can be great pets because of their soothing purrs and desire for love and affection. Give them the trust they need to respect you and in turn they will learn their boundaries.


Vanessa Smith

Amber Technology