Assistance Provided to Our Customers

Amber Technology will make every good faith effort possible. Unfortunately we are unable to diagnose your pets condition either by phone or email. We can offer suggestions based upon the information you provide and experience gained working with our customers. Ultimately, you are responsible for your pet’s health.

Return Policy

All consumable products are sold with a NO RETURN policy. Non consumable products may qualify for a return at the discretion of Amber Technology personnel.

Liability for Dealers and Customers

We make an effort to train our dealers and distributors and to encourage good customer relations. We do NOT claim nor are we liable for the actions of our dealers and distributors. We are willing to listen to and evaluate any complaints regarding Amber Technology dealers or distributors. We will attempt to resolve differences as time and situation warrants.

Website and Reference Material

All website content and all reference material published by Amber Technology is the intellectual property of Amber Technology and may be used for private non-commercial purposes only.


By purchasing our products or by using our website for any reason including information, you have agreed to these conditions.

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