HWF Ingredients: (Click on herb for supporting studies on herb function)

Black SeedImmune Stimulant, Digestive, Detoxifying, Expectorant. Black Seed provides ubiquitous immune and circulatory effects, as well as support for the pulmonary, gastrointestinal, hepatic, and renal systems. Black Seed is a detoxification of the liver and blood pressure. It improves kidney functions, promotes the secretion or expulsion of phlegm, mucus or other matter from the respiratory tract, including the treatment of bronchial asthma (expectorant), and promotes the expulsion of intestinal parasites, digestion and elimination.

LicoriceAnti-inflammatory, immune-activating, demulcent, and expectorant. Licorice promotes healing of ulcers, bronchitis, gastritis, irritable bowel and bowel inflammation, and adrenal insufficiency. Soothing and coating agent in the digestive and urinary tract system. Helps with coughs and sooths sore throats. The demulcent and anti-ulcerogenic action of Licorice is beneficial in gastric and duodenal ulcers. Licorice tea is also given for digestive weakness, especially when accompanied by fatigue and shortness of breath.

HawthornDiuretic, Antispasmodic. Hawthorn is primarily used to improve cardiovascular health. Modern research has proven hawthorn to be more valuable as an herb to treat cardiovascular problems and promote a healthy heart. It causes more blood flow to reach the muscles of the heart. Hawthorn can also help to reduce the incidence of angina, which is a spasm of the blood vessels, improve the smooth muscle walls of the rest of the circulatory system, improve blood pressure, improve circulation and treat symptoms of mild heart failure, decreasing the occurrence of chest pain, reducing atherosclerosis, and helping with trouble sleeping. Hawthorn will not stop an angina attack. Hawthorn works by widening blood vessels, especially heart blood vessels, which results in increased heart blood flow.

HopsSedative, Nervine, Digestive, Antispasmodic. Hops pillows have long been used as an aid to sleep. It has a beneficial effect on the stomach due to its bitter principle and is used with good result for nervous digestion. Hops can be useful as a strong infusion, or the fresh plant tincture added to hot water, for heart palpitations or abnormal awareness of the heart accompanied by mild to moderate anxiety. Hops will sooth your digestive system and ease cramps and pain.

SorrelDiuretic and a Laxative. Promotes detoxification & cell regeneration; contains anti-oxidants, to include chlorophyll; said to remove foreign deposits from blood vessel walls, reduce pancreatic inflammation, improve vascular health, & enhance tissue oxygenation; used for diarrhea; thought to promote tumor mass reduction.

GarlicAntibiotic, Expectorant, Anticoagulant, Tonic. Garlic can also be used to boost immunity, help to fight intestinal infections as well as parasites, treat chest infections or coughs. It works as an expectorant to thin mucus. Garlic has been shown to lower blood pressure by thinning the blood. It also lowers cholesterol levels. Garlic is known to lower the levels of sugar in the blood, making it excellent for use by those who have Type II Diabetes.

Apricot PitsAnti-tussive, anti-asthmatic, demulcent. Apricot seed is one of the finest herbs for acute cough and bronchitis. It can be used for either hot or cold conditions when combined with the appropriate herbs and is especially good for dry coughs because of its moistening nature. The herb is believed to moisten the intestines; hence, it is useful in those cases when there is constipation associated with the aforementioned conditions. Seeds have been used as a pain killer, asthma, catarrh and cough. Apricot pits contain small, minute amounts of cyanide. However, there should be not problem with the accidental ingestion of a pit, nor is there a problem if the pit is split and exposed to the fruit.

Grapefruit Seed ExtractBactericide, Fungicide, Anti-Parasitic Compound. The antimicrobial activity of CITRICIDAL (Grapefruit Seed Extract) is in the cytoplasm membrane where the uptake of the amino acids is prevented and disorganization of the cytoplasm membrane and leakage of low molecular weight cellular contents.


Ethyl Alcohol – Preservative, Intensifier. Intensifies, while preserving the properties of this herbal tincture.

Distilled Water.