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About Amber Technology

Amber Technology came to life in 1996 under some very interesting circumstances. My name is Cindy Van Komen, one of the owners of Amber Technology LLC. My mother, Pat Griffiths, and I started Amber Technology to provide a way for us to earn an income and yet remain at home where we could take care of our families. We originally intended the company to sell office supplies and computer parts. We obtained our business license and contacts to do so, but it was then that fate intervened.

My daughter adopted a puppy which became ill shortly after we brought it home. We took little Simba to the vet where we were told he was very ill. My daughter felt her grandmother could help Simba and pleaded with my mother to create an herbal solution that might save him. My mother had, over the years, developed quite an ability in the area of herbs and their uses. Pat could not deny this request of her granddaughter and set out to create an herbal remedy that might help.

We gave her creation to the puppy, and beyond all hope, he rapidly recovered. Our vet was astonished, and based on his reaction, we wondered if we had come across something special. Working with breeders and rescues we found my mother’s formula worked well. We were excited! Here was something we could make, and provide to the world, and feel good about. We really didn’t have much of a passion for office supplies anyway!

Once we decided to go ahead, we knew the big challenge was how to market it. Our attorney made it clear that we couldn’t sell our formula as a cure. To do that we would need FDA approval. We investigated the process of attaining FDA approval and discovered, just like any other government process, the red tape and expense was more than we (the average citizen and small business) could bear. We tried to get our vets to provide testimonials but because of FDA laws governing products such as ours, they would not. After discussing the problem with our attorney and veterinarians we decided to sell our formula as a food supplement. We decided to get as many testimonials as possible and let Paxxin (formerly Parvaid) speak for itself. So we proceeded and grew at a rate of almost 60% per year, driven primarily by the word of mouth of grateful pet owners.

That was back in 1996. Today we have a thriving business with over 600 dealers nationwide, more than 30 distinct products, and a fantastically positive base of “raving fans” out there whose animals have benefited from Paxxin and the other products we developed later. It seems my mother, Pat, was able to duplicate the results she achieved with her original formula many many times over!

The herbal, technical genius behind Amber Technology is Pat Griffiths. Pat had plans of going to college after high school, to become a Pharmacist. But she fell in love and married instead. She didn’t, however, let that stop her from learning. Pat is an avid reader and has read many books on medical sciences and microbiology. Along the way she became interested in herbs and has studied them in great detail. Pat especially read the writings of herbalists who have been tapping the healing attributes of nature’s plant life for centuries and the body of herbal literature and what benefits are attributable to every herb to be found on God’s earth.

Cindy Van Komen

Pat Griffiths & Cindy Van Koman

Pat Griffiths & Cindy Van Komen